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KaKa Video - young, energetic, trendy videos!
KaKa Video is an App for producing viral videos. It's mainly a photo video maker/selfie video maker with multiple templates.

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  • One-click Generated Videos

    KaKa Video offers hundreds of templates with daily updates. All we need to do is choosing pictures or videos from your phone. Kaka will clip it automatically in 5 seconds, help you to get on the hot topic easily, and become the super popular influencers or vloggers. With those templates, even beginners are available to produce videos within several minutes. It’s the best video editing app on iOS, for both amateurs and professionals. The interface is really simple and clear, and more user friendly than Mac OS equivalents.

  • Unique Templates Constantly

    KaKa team insists on creating all kinds of templates by ourselves. Templates with various filters, stickers, festival features, rhythm are updated constantly.
    Viral, travel, birthday party, life, emotions, positive energy, music, sports, fitness, food, wedding, and other hot topics, surprises, and fun. You will never get bored of it.

  • Stunning Special Effects

    KaKa Video is made for you, considering its thousands of short videos-oriented templates and cool effects. Slo-mo ,Video Transitions ,Three Same Screens Same Time ,Zoom ,Suit Changing ,Silhouette - Sync Beats ,Gun Sound Transitions ,Curve Speed. Not to mention it’s powerful video editing features and video production features, beautiful cover, and plenty of background music. You can make a variety of creative, direct, and amazing videos on your mobile phone.

  • Sharing with Your Friends

    Every time you make a video it will automatically save to your album. Right at the finishing page, you will get the choice of sharing to Facebook, Instagram, or Messenger.